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Janbhagidari Samiti in Govt. College of Madhya Pradesh

As per National Education policy of 1986 Govt. of Madhya Pradesh decided in September 1996 to set up local people’s participation committees in Govt. college's management. The main objective of the committee is to generate funds from local sources for betterment of academic atmosphere of the college. In autonomous colleges full autonomy in academics has been provided.


Meetings of Jan Bhagidari Samiti, General Council are held as per instructions of Govt. of M. P. as under first meeting on 30.5.1997 followed by meetings on 13.8.1999, 18.6.1998,21.7.1998,28.4.1999,9.2.2000,29.6.2000 and 29.7.2001. Meetings of management committee and finance committee are also periodically held.

Some of the important decision taken and their implementation are listed below :

(1) Request from public and financial institutions for donations.

(2) Women’s hostel is under construction through the funds provided by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Additional grant is required for completion of the work. An amount of Rs. Seven lakhs is provided by Janbhagidari Samiti of the College.

(3) Professional course of computer application is running in the college through the grants provided by the U. G. C., New Delhi. Since last five years. From this academic session 2001-2002 the course will commence under Janbhagidari Samiti.

(4) High tension line of electricity running over the college ground has been removed through the efforts of Samiti.

(5) Additional fees has been levied on the students taking admission in the college or appearing as private students in university examinations.

(6) Furniture has been purchased for class rooms, library, computer room and laboratories.

(7) Photocopier has been purchased.